I saw this Oscar nominated movie last night. This movie appealed to me in many ways. My dad was also an Irish immigrant, coming to Canada by himself at 19 years old. And I LOVE stories about women seeking adventure and taking chances. And I love Brooklyn! I was lucky enough to go there last year – what memories! I’ve traveled and moved around a lot – mostly on my own – and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything!

This movie tells the story of an Irish immigrant who seeks to make a life for herself in Brooklyn. Due to unfortunate circumstances she must return to Ireland, and must ultimately choose between her new life and love in New York, and her familiar and predictable life in Ireland.

I knew what choice I was hoping she would make, but I was captivated until the end, unsure of what life she would choose. I believe she made the right choice, but some friends have thought otherwise. What do you think?

This movie had me excited for adventure, and travel and new experiences. Lots of trips on the horizon and I can’t wait!!

I fell in love with NYC all over again while watching this movie. Stay tuned for my next blog about the Big Apple…


Trip to Quebec 2016

quebec city

Tonight I booked our tickets and hotels for our trip to Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto this summer!

I lived in Quebec City for years in my early 20s and I’ve been so excited to take my son Evan there! I can’t wait for him to experience the culture, speak French (he doesn’t get much of a chance in Alberta) and show him all the things I love about that beautiful city!

I used to work in a tourist boutique that you can actually see in the picture below. It is still the best job I’ve ever had. I loved visiting with tourists from all around the world. I loved going to Old Quebec every day and being in the middle of such fantastic culture and way of life. The Quebecois know how to live!


Stay tuned for the pics about our trip….and about my trip to Italy in about a month!