Quote for April 4


Spend your time wisely today, on things that are valuable to you.


The 3 Things….


My son and I have a bedtime tradition that has been going on for years! We call it The 3 Things. Every night before bed we each name:

  • 3 things that we were thankful for that day and
  • 3 ways we were kind to others

We try not to repeat the same things as the day before. Some days it’s easy and some days it’s not so easy. But we always find the three things. Some days we are thankful for things like a win at hockey, or the sunny weather. And some days we are thankful that we have eyes that can see, or that his friend told him he was a good soccer player during 1st recess. Evan says his things first and then I say 3 totally different things after him.

It’s easier to find things that we are thankful for than it is to remember 3 ways we were kind to others. Did we hold the door for someone? Did he include a friend in his game at recess? Did he help someone with their work at school? Did I compliment my friend? Did I tell my coworker I appreciated them?

Not only does this end the day in a positive way, but it makes us more aware during the day of the blessings we have, AND how we can be blessings to others. .


Heads up messy people, this book is for you!


I was browsing through Chapters on my lunch hour about a month ago and this book caught my eye. I was in the middle of decluttering my home, still unpacking boxes from my move that happened months before (I know, I know…I’m such a procrastinator) and needing a little extra motivation. So on a whim I bought this book….and I’m SO glad I did!

This quick, easy read will change the way you think about your home and what is in it. My favorite tip is the konmari folding technique. I was skeptical at first but man does it ever save space and make organizing your clothes so much easier.

I was a hanger, NOT a folder. My drawers were almost empty and my closet was jam-packed FULL…until this book enlightened me! Now my drawers are being used, my clothes are accessible and my closet actually has room for the jackets, skirts and dresses that can’t be folded. Nothing is stuffed and my closet doesn’t make me claustrophobic just looking at it.

The technique is simple. Fold your tops, pants, shorts etc into tight compact “squares”. Don’t worry, this will not cause more wrinkles (I thought it would too at first). Lay the squares upright so all are visible when you open your drawer. You can google images of the konmari folding technique, there are tons! Check the random one below I found on the web:


This amazing folding technique is just one of many tips in this book. I strongly suggest that if your home needs tidying, decluttering or minimalizing you should head to your closest bookstore and pick up a copy. You’ll be glad you did!