Quote for April 8

imageBetween the 90 km/h winds howling during the night at the beginning of the week, and the cracked wrist and uncomfortable cast since Thursday, Evan has NOT slept well all week. Which means I’m exhausted too 😔 I’m so happy I can sleep in tomorrow!!! Alarms off!


No whining!

no whining

Yesterday my  9 year old son and I went on a bike ride. It was windy, and not regular wind – Lethbridge wind! Gusts to 60  km/h! My plan was to quickly ride around the block, then he would see how windy it was and we would move onto the next activity. Evan decided he wanted to ride all the way to his favorite park which is 25 mins away. I told him that wouldn’t be a good idea because the ride back would be against the wind and it would be really difficult. But this is Evan, who thinks he is bigger, older and stronger than he really is. He insisted he would be fine and to give him a chance…so I did. Urgh.

We rode to the favorite playground, parked our bikes (which immediately blew over). We played hide and seek tag for 45 mins in the gale force winds. It was actually pretty fun and we had a blast! But THEN it was time to ride our bikes home…directly into the wind.

We rode for a few blocks in first gear. Peddling hard but getting nowhere. If our helmets weren’t fastened, they would have blown off our heads. This wind was crazy – but we had to get home!

Evan started to whine and complain! I immediately said,”No whining! You chose this and you need to make the best of it!” We had a long talk, as we pushed our bikes uphill in the wind, about making the best of the consequences of our choices. We had such a fun time at the park and we weren’t going to let a little wind (ok, a freakin’ hurricane!) bring us down.

We pushed through (literally) and I thought my life lesson was successful. He wasn’t overjoyed with this part of the bike ride, but at least he wasn’t whining. I thought to myself, “Wow, we are actually going to make it home without a meltdown”.

Then, 2 blocks from home (so close to the finish line!), a rock blew into Evan’s eye. And the freak out started. Tears the rest of the way home. Urgh.

So close…so close.

The 3 Things….


My son and I have a bedtime tradition that has been going on for years! We call it The 3 Things. Every night before bed we each name:

  • 3 things that we were thankful for that day and
  • 3 ways we were kind to others

We try not to repeat the same things as the day before. Some days it’s easy and some days it’s not so easy. But we always find the three things. Some days we are thankful for things like a win at hockey, or the sunny weather. And some days we are thankful that we have eyes that can see, or that his friend told him he was a good soccer player during 1st recess. Evan says his things first and then I say 3 totally different things after him.

It’s easier to find things that we are thankful for than it is to remember 3 ways we were kind to others. Did we hold the door for someone? Did he include a friend in his game at recess? Did he help someone with their work at school? Did I compliment my friend? Did I tell my coworker I appreciated them?

Not only does this end the day in a positive way, but it makes us more aware during the day of the blessings we have, AND how we can be blessings to others. .